Kevin Snell, Managing Director Infiniti

Maximised did a fantastic job for us setting up a framework to work more effectively and efficiently with our diverse group of local and global agency partners across creative, digital media and experiential.

He sees projects through full implementation and continues to follow-up in a professional and pro-active manner ensuring we were constantly improving our working relationships and therefore results.

Andrew Smith, Head of Marketing BUPA Health Services

Maximised was appointed to help improve the way Bupa works both internally and with our agency partners. They worked in a very professional and flexible way with internal teams and external agency partners focusing not only on the ‘what’ needed to be done to drive better performance (work and efficiency) but also the ‘how’ to make it happen and bring it to life.

Maximised did not just come in and make recommendations, but worked with all teams ongoing to help implement what were practical, innovative and commercial solutions.

Anthony Ho, Head of Marketing Services, Mondelez

At Mondelez, we have worked with Maximised for over 2 years now. Peter Davis has been instrumental in helping us navigate and improve our agency relationships to deliver on the business’ commitment of “getting to great work”.

The Maximised approach is comprehensive, with a mix of both quantitative and qualitative measures working together to draw out key insights and pinpointing the major focus areas for growth.

Through Peter’s extensive experience in bringing agency and client teams together, he brings a level of insight that has helped us improve the level of collaboration and quality of output between agency partners and our brand teams.

Marina Zuber, Regional Business Director DDB New York

In the Maximized approach, what I found most useful and unlocking was the first phase of the process when we asked our client Unilever to express their POV, whether positive or negative about the agency.

It was a kind of “meiotic” process that helped the current baggage against the agency to be laid down on a piece of paper, explained to each other and then left behind. It was actually the first time that each person on the client team could freely let go their frustrations.

It was a liberating exercise for them. It opened up the dialogue with Unilever and provided a good foundation for the agency to resolve the changes needed in the relationship. It made it possible afterwards to build on a fresh plate without the resentment inherited from the past.

It also made a better communication possible. The unsaid was said at last. All in all, I would strongly recommend the Maximized methodology to happen in a definite period of time with clear objectives and as a way to measure success.

Nick Avram, Marketing Services Manager, Australia Post

Thank you Peter for all the great work at Australia Post, your thorough approach to the task, and dedication to deliver a practical and effective operating model in a matrix environment, both internally and with our agencies was commendable.