Measurement Is A Crucial Factor In The Marketing Assessment Process.

A marketing assessment completed in conjunction with anĀ internal marketing audit helps all to objectively establish the realities of individual relationships and sets the criteria by which actions can be developed and implemented.

It is a specialist task and one that Maximised has plenty of insight and skill in executing.

We are constantly reviewing our surveys and approach to ensure that the latest industry issues are covered and that data collection techniques are to industry best practice.

At a functional level Maximised organises and manages all components of the data set up and collection process.

This includes:

  • Collecting both qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Designing questionnaires, reflecting the specific needs of each individual relationship as well as the uniform requirements across all relationships.
  • Updating registration papers as required, this includes updating the questions to ensure they reflect relationship expectations and requirements (including adding and deleting disciplines and questions, re weighting disciplines and questions and updating participants)Surveys are always kept relevant Training participants

Activating rounds online, chasing respondents to complete and closing rounds off Analysing and reporting on findings, including splitting out business units / brands and stakeholders and reporting to individual groups as required.

Focus findings on issues and recommended actions and approaches.

Presenting results to individual stakeholders (client and agency) and groups as a whole and running facilitated workshop session as well as action sessions.

Maximised uses a web enabled software system developed by Decideware, a specialist in this field to manage technical and backend requirements.