Where required Maximised becomes a resource to help formulate solutions and provide best practice insights, guidance and structure across the areas that are impacting the effectiveness of the client engagement model and internal ways of working.

Maximised approach becomes ‘care & responsibility’.

In essence Maximised becomes an independent and objective resource engaged to help formulate, drive and implement better ways of working and to ensure focus and emphasis is given to these ways.

It is often an ongoing task and includes where required

  • Formulating and merchandising client ways of working covering expectations, planning, briefing, approvals, reviewing results, agency engagement etc
  • Working with and facilitating stakeholders sessions – internal and external
  • Establish interagency collaboration models and facilitate ongoing to fine tune and make work
  • Structure resources to match expectations (centralised product, sales and marketing teams)
  • Establishing induction process – ensuring buy-in to the client way of working
  • Facilitate workshops
  • Engage in ongoing agency / client measurement; actions and discussions
  • Ongoing tracking of actions and improvements
  • Ongoing mentoring.
  • Develop (in collaboration with the client and agencies); coordinate and facilitate deconstruct; ideation and ambition sessions