Process is not a dirty word. Many teams and advertising agencies that seek to improve marketing within their organisations are running from one job to the next which often means taking the easiest route to ensure deadlines are met, missing out on opportunities or activity that could deliver stronger outcomes. Having a process (either formal or informal) that is understood and followed can alleviate these issues, creating time to pursue opportunities that those running from job to job cannot take advantage of. Process is not there to restrict or inhibit but rather to:

  • help create opportunities
  • ensure that all available resources are leveraged
  • free up time
  • giving teams the ability to pursue things that poor process restricts.

Strategy And Planning

In 90% of relationships that Maximised is involved in, strategy and planning is viewed as one of the most important aspects of a relationship. However in the vast majority of cases, analysis of relationships shows that strategy and planning is not delivering the insights and opportunities desired. It is an endemic issue and one that Maximised works very closely with both clients and agencies to get right, structuring relationships in a way that can access the thinking side of the relationship at the right time and in the right manner.

Smart Objectives; Results and Learning’s

In general the advertising industry has never been very good at formally reviewing what has worked and why. And while it is a focus for some businesses, across the board it is getting worse and impacting the industry significantly, as views on what works and what doesn’t becomes more and more subjective, not just between agencies and clients but also with the myriad number of stakeholders that have equally strong views on this subject.

How To Work With Agencies. Creating Challenger Environments.

Efficiently getting strong insightful work out of an advertising agency (media, digital, creative) is no easy task (nor should it be). It is a challenging environment and one where balancing good will and friendly relations with challenger environments where opinions can be fought for and debated for the betterment of the work doesn’t just happen and needs to be managed and nurtured. Maximised works closely with clients and agencies to help create challenger environments, where the pursuit of the best approach is the focus.