Internal Marketing Strategy

More and more it is about delivering the work efficiently. The fat in marketing budgets no longer exists and key personnel no longer undertake unlimited revisions and reviews of work.

The focus over the last few years has been very much about getting to the heart of the issue with a solution as efficiently as possible. One way this can be achieved is through an internal marketing audit designed to identify problems within an agency that can be remedied before they become unmanageable.

Inter Agency Collaboration

One of the biggest global topics currently is how to get agencies to collaborate and work together for the benefit of the work and the client? More and more clients are demanding that this happen to ensure all resources available to the client are leveraged in the most effective and efficient way.

By ensure that all lines of communication are reviewed and pursued a truly integrated offering designed to improve efficiencies in process and delivery can be implemented.

Clients no longer just deal with one agency across a few mediums and it is now about working with multiple agencies across a wide range of consumer touch points.

If not managed properly, this can be resource draining and detrimental to an agency. Agency collaboration should be a model that creates clarity and efficiency between the agencies in question and thus significantly improve the deliverables of the individual agencies.

Maximised helps businesses establish the most appropriate collaboration model for the needs of the relationships and helps monitor it to ensure it is maximised.

Stakeholder Management

Marketing and advertising is no longer the domain of a client and their agencies. Countless internal and external stakeholders now have a say in the work and unless that is managed and stakeholders are engaged in the right way and at the right time, work that is delivered can be diluted and expensive to create.