Interagency collaboration is dead. Long live interagency cooperation

What’s the biggest change with clients and agencies so far this year? Surely it must be the fact that few clients now expect or believe that their agencies will collaborate together to form aligned and agreed solutions to the clients brief or problems. It is clear that in today’s world it is everyone for themselves.

Now this is not a hard and fast rule and I do see collaboration happening in some cases, but in general most are not doing it consistently and whereas in previous years there may have been a show of collaboration, now that show is more of a distraction and a delay to reaching solutions. It is often a farce that creates high expectations and muddies the waters when those expectations are not delivered.

Is this a big issue? Only if you are expecting something else. If you are, take stock. As I discussed last week, business is tough, there is no way around that and as such everyone is looking for possibilities to increase revenue. And as we have seen over the last few years the agency offering is not as rigid as it once was. Media now offers digital and social solutions as well as creative execution. Creative agencies have media planning and buying capabilities as well as execution though all channels.


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