Agency Search

There are circumstances where clients need to find new agency partners or suppliers and Maximised works with the client to find the right agency for the required purpose.

There are 3 main areas of focus

1) Find the agency that can deliver to the brief

2) Find the agency that the client can work with and that can work with others

3) Structure remuneration to engage agency resources most efficiently

The first tasks are to understand are:

  • What the client is missing from the current arrangement – what do they want to see more of / less of
  • The brief; expectations and requirements
  • Expectations for how all the agencies on the roster are to interact and work with one another
  • Gain an understanding (where possible) of the current client engagement; the way of working and agency head hours used to deliver work. This creates the foundation for future negotiations, which are often based on resource and head hours

Once this is all understood, criteria for evaluating agencies can be drawn up (score cards) and the search process can commence. There are general practices for this undertaking, but all clients are different and any approach must take into account these differences and be designed to reflect them in the search process.

This is often a time consuming business, but one full of opportunity and potential. Be open to enjoying it, growing from the experience.